14 February

Introducing the Discussion Paper Series

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United Europe Forum would like to briefly introduce and welcome visitors and readers to the Discussion Paper section of our new website. In the following weeks and months, this section will be populated with discussion papers on various topics of interest to the activity of UEF. In particular, we will be looking to include well argued pieces dealing with the relationship between the EU and its newer Member States, as well as the relationships (political, economic or otherwise) between Eastern European Member States and third countries, most notably (but not exclusively) Russia. We will also aim to include works which deal generally with the theme of unity within the EU from political, economic and legal points of view. To start the process, UEF staff will produce initial papers - these will raise issues which UEF considers to be relevant and which will raise questions that merit further discussion. In order to live up to its name and aim as a forum, UEF invites (and will actively invite) external contributors to author papers for publication on our website. We will be looking to receive such papers from established professionals in academia and relevant areas of the public or private sector. Submissions will be quality reviewed (in order to maintain the overall quality of this section); to that end, we ask that submissions for this section are well referenced using one of the established academic referencing styles.
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